Key Man Insurance

A Product of Atlanta Life General Agency, Inc

Atlanta Life Insurance has partnered with Altium Insurance Services LLC, a New York based specialty insurance firm, to offer a unique and innovative insurance coverage for corporation or partnership beneficiaries of Key Man Insurance Policies.

What is Key Man Suicide Coverage®?

Key Man Suicide Coverage® is insurance coverage that protects a corporation or partnership from the suicide exclusion clause written into all standard life insurance policies.

This insurance product eliminates the risk of potential nonpayment of a death benefit claim by an insurance carrier due to the suicide death of the insured – Key Executive – within the contestable period of the original, in force policy.

Since Key Man insurance is used as a risk management strategy to compensate a company for the negative financial impact of the death of a key executive, a denial of a death benefit payment to the company due to the suicide death of the insured would leave the company without the needed cash to recover from the death of the executive, find a new executive, or to implement other strategies to save the business.

Key Man Suicide Coverage® eliminates and/or mitigates the risk of this potential financial hardship.

Highlights of Key Man Suicide Coverage

Product Feature

Eliminates the risk of a denial of a death benefit claim payment by a life insurance carrier, on an existing inforce policy, as a result of the suicide death of the insured during the 24 month contestable period

Coverage Duration

24 months – Life Insurance Contestable Period

Insurance Carrier

Atlanta Life Insurance Company, (95% Coinsurance to global reinsurer Everest Re).

Product Application

Any insurable interest, third party relationship where by the death of the insured (Key Executive) carries with it an ascertainable net loss to such third party (Corporation, Partnership).

Underwriting Requirements: None

Policy Issue Rate: 100%

Method of Purchase: Online, Fully secured website

Buyer Profile

Existing purchasers of Key Man Life Insurance® and/or Buy/Sell arrangements on the lives of Corporate Executives or Key Personnel. To purchase of our Key Man Suicide Coverage®, please go to our website at Please forward all inquiries to

Or call 732-772-0755, ext. 222, to learn more about our exclusive Key Man Suicide Coverage®, and how it can protect your company against a potentially devastating financial risk.


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