Howard Stephenson

About me

What is the value of hope? Howard Stephenson chooses to measure hope by the impact he has made on those surrounding him.

For nearly two decades Howard Stephenson has been a servant of the people providing hope to thousands of families and communities across the United States.

Howard started his journey at the bottom rung and proceeded to accelerate his career from insurance agent all the way to the Senior Vice President of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company.

As a transformational leader emboldened to leave a deep impact on this world, Howard is energized and driven by delivering insurance resources and educational tools to families.

Well known for his strategic insight, Howard has served thousands of insurance clients with a deep commitment and resolve to exceed customer expectations. His passion in life is to advance the knowledge of legacy and wealth-building to diverse underprivileged communities.

Throughout his career, Howard has worked in every aspect of the insurance industry including sales, marketing, accounting, and executive management. During his time in business, Howard has employed a simple philosophy of hard work + discipline and determination yields significant success.

Howard fully embraces and embodies the Atlanta Life Insurance vision of providing hope and future opportunity to those who need it most. 


As a member of Kappa Alpha Psi and graduate of Knoxville College, Howard has continued to expand his global network, professional development, and industry impact.

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